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January/February 2012

Citizenship for All Adoptees

For decades now, families in the United States have been adopting children born in other countries. But some of these children, who grow up as American kids, in the safety and love of their parents' homes, are not, in fact, U.S. citizens. And when this is the case, the ramifications can be profound.

Adoptive Families examines the history of citizenship for children adopted internationally, the current situation, and steps that can be taken to close critical loopholes on a policy-level scale, and to ensure protection for your family. Read the complete article here.

November/December 2011

Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples Still on the Rise

In a New York Times article this summer, writer Sabrina Tavernise traced the recent increase in gay and lesbian couples adopting across the country. This is in the face of legal hurdles in many states that make adoption by same-sex parents an especially daunting process. What’s behind these numbers? And will the upward trend continue? In fact, advocates point to two primary reasons for the increase: the need for homes for children who are waiting for adoption, and growing acceptance among Americans of gays and lesbians. Read the complete article here.

Talking Truthfully About Trafficking

As news of child trafficking in China and Guatemala make headlines, rumors are rife about the negative aspects of intercountry adoption. Sadly, fact has overtaken fiction in more than a few countries that are or have recently been closed to U.S. adopting parents. Countries that closed because of concerns over coercion of birthparents, trafficking of children, and/or illegal gain by adoption agents include Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Guatemala, and Romania. China, reputedly, is working to contain corroborated trafficking within its orphanage system.

Talking to your child about the possibility of trafficking is not easy. Read the complete article to learn how to open the dialogue.

October 2011

Glee Petition Making National Headlines

AFC member amberlyn is making headlines with her nationwide petition asking the writers of Glee on FOX to produce a public-service announcement informing viewers about the realities of adoption. This is in response to a controversial storyline in which a birthmother vowed that she would acquire full parental rights of the daughter she legally placed for adoption. As of October 13th, 2011, more than 1,600 people had signed the petition. Please visit AdoptiveFamiliesCircle to learn more and lend your support!